Silent Night is HERE! (painting)

So this blog post is for all my friends and family in at WordPress. I am just filled with an overwhelming gratitude as I look back over this year 2013- and I am so excited to share with you a few thoughts and my new painting. This year has been special to me not because this year was all flowery, perfect and exceptionally beautiful but because through the challenges of this year I know I have come out stronger, wiser and braver.

In a way this year felt like a Silent Night, a time where inspite of what felt like the darkness, I got the see the stars in my life and the exceptional beauty of the night skies in my life. This year was special to me because it pushed me out of my comfort zone to take little steps to be all that I was created and meant to be. And I got to see what really counts towards making my life worth living. And even though, sometimes we cannot make sense of the journey I hope thought this painting it will give you a sense of hope for these days ahead and for the year 2014 ūüôā



“When it is dark enough, you can see the stars.” ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

When you look at the top of this painting, you will see stars Р There stars are there to remind you that even the dark and bleak circumstances in life holds some thing beautiful for all of us. In essence, we are like Stars where the darkness gives us a beautiful opportunity to shine through Рwho knows you might be a beacon of Hope to someone who is lost.

THE BLUE SKIES:  the Blue skies represent the dark seasons in our lives- I have come to learn that they were never meant to break us, but to make us stronger.

THE LIGHTER SKIES: This is to remind you the every difficult time in our lives is only a seasons and just as winter turns to spring and the night turns to day- HARD TIMES CANNOT LAST FOREVER- you will come out strong if you allow yourself to grow. 

and last but never the least of all

OUR GREATEST HOPE (the reason of the season): Jesus Christ our Savior,whose birth changed the life of humanity FOREVER and who loves us and Has given His life for us and all the love He could possible give he GAVE!! and through him not only can we have hope in this life but also in the life to come. His love will REMAIN  FOREVER and will give us all the strength we need. HE will GUIDE, PROTECT and WILL NEVER FORSAKE US!!!!

SO I hope you enjoy this video and I also hope you have a BLESSED season of this year- Merry Christmas ya’ll!!!

With Love,

~Adlien David





To the Philippines, with Love

Ever since I started creating art and music, deep within me, I always desired that it would be with a larger vision and goal in mind, to reach the world and make these paintings a blessing to other people and also to make this world a better place. Today I have found the perfect opportunity to do that.

Its been so heart breaking to see the devastation that is happening in the Philippines and I REALLY want to do something to help so Guys, I have decided to sell 3 of my Precious (original) paintings for 250 GBP each and send 100% of this amount to those who are struggling through these hard times via World Vision. If anyone reading this would like to give these paintings a new home and reach out to those in need we can do this TOGETHER.

Feel free to get in touch with me and send me an email for further details to¬† or join my facebook page – Adlien David’s Art and lets get in touch. ¬†Together we can do this!!

Below you will find the images for sale:

IMG_1907 IMG_1224

IMG_0015 copy

Lots of love from my heart to yours

Adlien David


Truths about (my) life from painiting





4 more truths that I have personally learnt about life from painting

So as I continue to take up painting as a full-time thing, I could not help but make some beautiful co-relation with what i was doing (the process of painting) and life itself. Here are 4 more points that I could come up with this past week and I have put them in very brief points. 

1) it ain’t over until YOU say its is.

2) there are TONS of suggestions n ideas out there, way too many to confuse you than help you.

Ask the ones who really love you, ask God РBelieve in yourself.


3) Always look as circumstances as what it could be, than what it is right now.

4) Two masterpieces will NEVER be the same Don’t EVER try to be someone else¬† – IT WONT WORK



Love, Adlien


The Perfect Mug of Coffee!

When you sip on a cup of coffee and say, “This is good,” it includes it all – the mug, the perfect brand of coffee beans and of course that perfect moment and place to have some coffee. It all WORKS TOGETHER to create a perfect blend.

I have personally come to learn that every phase, season and circumstances of life works out to create a perfect blend.

They all come together to make our life here on earth complete and rich

Remember that when you have your next mug of coffee !


The Factory of Originality!

   Ever sometimes feel that some of the best ideas have been taken,

the best thoughts been written down,

the best dreams been dreamt and nothing original is left for you?

 Well its time to look at yourself in the mirror and be reminded that YOU ARE ORINIGAL and the factory of ORIGINALITY is INSIDE YOU!

Live it out!!


[“Somewhere over the rainbow” – painting on Sept 12, 2013 ]

~Adlien David

What painting taught me about Life (Part 1)


3 beautiful truths I have personally learnt from each painting I have been creating:

1) don’t ever draw conclusions or give up based on how situations and circumstances look right now – your picture/life is still a work in progress.

2) always hold on to the bigger picture (your goals) even if it seems vague

3) NEVER despise small beginnings

~Adlien David

A sweet escape to YOUR Mountain.

 Its just so amazing how much inspiration we can draw out of nature and how nature can be a way we learn life lessons. The mountains have been such a captivating part of nature. Standing there through the sands of time just being so exotic and an embodiment of majesty and splendor. I am sure many hikers would agree with me that to climb such mountains is quite an experience with challenges yet it just keeps getting better as you go up. Suddenly all the pain that you have been feeling is no match for the beauty and the view at the top.

It’s all in the journey.

But at the same time I could not help but think about the mountains in our lives. The mountains of fear, anxiety, etc Рthe  mountains that we would dare not climb. Its interesting to see how we, sometimes, would be ready to go any length AROUND our mountain than to CLIMB above it. But like a MAJOR number of mountains in the world we CAN conquer it. When we take the first step, we encounter discouragements, fear or just our laziness. The beautiful thing about the mountains inside us is that .

And yes there are and will be difficult times of loneliness and disappointments but what joy there is when we reach the top and suddenly there really can be no match to the joy we feel when we reach our destination.

DSCN4951 copy

Love as always

~Adlien David